/Everything about tennis court surfaces and dimensions
Everything about tennis court surfaces and dimensions

Everything about tennis court surfaces and dimensions

Tennis courts are prevalent worldwide. Relying on the location and facility, they have a variety of surfaces. In essence, they are equipped with one of the four key surfaces; hard court, carpet, clay, and grass. We can also see lots of other variations, like courts having granules.

The lone thing that remained as it is in the last decades is the sizes of tennis courts. These standards guarantee that similar playing conditions stay on all courts in the world. But, lots of players do not know that the surface has a major impact on playing style. Read further to learn about the dimensions of tennis courts.

What are the dimensions of a tennis court?

A tennis court is rectangular and is surrounded by the sidelines and baselines. Theoretically, the length is 78 ft. The width of the court differs depending on the game format. It’s about 27 ft if you play singles. In contrast, the doubles court is a bit larger. The width of the doubles court is about 36 ft.

In the center of the court, there is a net that splits the court into two halves of equivalent size. The net is joined to both net posts and is about 3 ft in height. The lines which run parallel to the net at a distance of 21 ft. are the service lines. Also, a center service line expands from the net to the service line on every side. It separates this region into two halves of equal sizes that are called service boxes.

Due to their formation, the service line and the centre service line together make a “T.

Various kinds of tennis court surfaces

  1. Hard court

Hard courts are pretty famous in North America. We can use them both outdoors and indoors. In essence, a coating of asphalt and concrete makes the base for the hard court.

After that, some coatings of a blend of rubber and acrylic are applied to cover the base.

  1. Clay court

Clay courts are common in South America and Europe. You can use them for outdoor tennis courts. Rarely, however, there are indoor clay courts too.

  1. Carpet court

Carpet court cannot bear dampness or other outside weather conditions; it is mainly intended for indoor purposes.

  1. Grass court

Grass courts are popular in Australia and England. Tennis was first played on grass only. But, at present, grass tennis courts have become rarer in other countries.

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